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PIN Book | International Negotiation: Actors, Structure/Process, Values | cover

International Negotiation: Actors, Structure/Process, Values

Berton P, Kimura H, Zartman IW (eds.) (1999). St. Martin's, New York, NY, USA.

PIN Book | International Negotiation: Actors, Structure/Process, Values | cover


Around the world, negotiation is the only tool people have to make collective decisions when there must be unanimity. Like any other social activity, negotiation exhibits both universal patterns determined by the finite possibilities of its nature and local variations determined by cultural practices. Universalities predominate if one digs deep enough, and peculiarities abound in surface manifestations. International Negotiation investigates how deep is deep enough, and how shallow the surface, and attempts to find the meeting line. As more and more individuals meet around the negotiation table, providing conditions for cultural encounters, and clashes, this volume examines the actors involved, the role culture plays, and the role of organizations. This book provides a fascinating look at negotiation in the political arena and the real world.


Preface--Hiroshi Kimura * Introduction: Negotiating Cultures--I. William Zartman * Part I: Actors * Cultural Aspects of International Negotiation--Guy Olivier Faure * U.S.-Japan Negotiating on Rice: "No, No, A Thousand Times, No"--Michael Blaker * Soviet/Russian International Negotiating Style--Hiroshi Kimura * Japanese, Chinese, and Soviet/Russian Negotiators: An Analytic Framework--Peter Berton * Part II: Structure and Process * International Commercial Negotiations: A Focus on Japan--John L. Graham * Explaining Japan’s Failure in the International Whaling Negotiations: Rational Choice, Culture, and Domestic Constraints as Explanatory Variables--Robert L. Friedheim * Institutions Matter: Negotiating the European Union--Frank P. Pfetsch * Leadership in Multilateral Negotiations: Crisis or Transition?--Gunnar Sjostedt * Part III: Values * Justice and Fairness in International Negotiations? Theoretical and Empirical Observations--Cecilia Albin * Justice in Negotiation--I. William Zartman * Negotiating with Villians--Bertram I. Spector * Teh Role of Emotions in International Negotiations--Fred Charles Ikle * Index

About the Editors

Peter Berton is at the School of International Relations, University of Southern California. Hiroshi Kimura is at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies in Kyoto. I. William Zartman is at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC.