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PIN Book: | The Art of International Negotiations | cover

The Art of International Negotiations

Aleksy-Szucsich A (ed.) (2009). Zurawia Papers Volume 14, Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw, Poland.

PIN Book: | The Art of International Negotiations | cover


This publication seeks to inform the Polish reader of the newest trends in international negotiations. It contains the speeches presented at a conference organized on December 11, 2008, by the Institute of International Relations (University of Warsaw) in cooperation with the Process of International Negotiation Program, International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (PIN/IIASA) and the International Security Department (Warsaw School of Economics).

The texts are written by the leading international experts in the field, members of the prestigious PIN Steering Committee, as well as Polish experts. The aim of the publication is to present the complexity and the multidimensionalism surrounding multilateral bargaining. By covering a broad spectrum of topics, this publication aspires to help the reader to develop a better understanding of the art of international negotiations.


Preface (Agniszka Aleksy-Szucsich)

Cooperation and negotiation (William Zartman)

Theorists meet practitioners (Rudolf Avenhaus)

Annex. On the conflict about Iran's nuclear program: A game-theoretical analysis (Rudolf Avenhaus, Reiner K. Huber)

Negotiations on and around the CTBTO (Franz Cede)

Case study: the Polish accession to the EU (Katarzyna Zukrowska)

Negotiating to the limits with terrorists (Guy Olivier Faure)

Effective EU chairing and the French Presidency (Paul Meerts)

Labor movements and negotiations in societies in transition (Mark Anstey)

Multilateralism and the challenges of global governance (Fen Osler Hampson)