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PIN Points 16 Cover

PINPoints 16

In this issue e.g. articles on strategies of conflict prevention, game theory in negotiation research and negotiating risk.

PIN Points 16 Cover


  • 1. From the PIN Steering Committee (Rudolf Avenhaus, Franz Cede, Guy Olivier Faure, Victor A. Kremenyuk, Paul Meerts, Gunnar Sjöstedt and I. William Zartman)

  • 1. Call for Proposals: Negotiating European Union (Franz Cede and Paul Meerts)

  • 3. Negotiation Research (Gunnar Sjöstedt)

  • 4. Game Theory and the Elements of Negotiation Processes (Rudolf Avenhaus)

  • 6. Negotiating a “Risk” (Victor Kremenyuk)

  • 7. Book Reviews: Business Negotiations in Practice and Theory (I. William Zartman)

  • 8. The EU as a Negotiated System (Paul Meerts)

  • 9. Current Negotiation Analysis: Camp David 2000-2001 (I. William Zartman)

  • 10. Sovereignty and Negotiations (Franz Cede)

  • 10. Recently Published PIN Books: International Negotiation (Victor Kremenyuk)

  • 11. Recently Published PIN Books: Preventive Negotiation (I. William Zartman)

  • 12. PIN Books

About PINPoints

PINPoints is the biannual online publication of PIN and is sent to over 4,000 subscribers around the world. Each issue contains an overview of past and future events, reports of PIN related activities and, most importantly, articles with the latest developments and insights in international negotiation research. PINPoints is edited by Petra Brandt of German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA).


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