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PINPoints 21 cover

PINPoints 21

In this issue e.g. articles on negotiating in Islam, the negotiation processes of EU integration and resolving disputes in different cultures.

PINPoints 21 cover


  • 1. From the PIN Steering Committee (Rudolf Avenhaus, Franz Cede, Guy Olivier Faure, Victor Kremenyuk, Paul Meerts, Gunnar Sjöstedt and I. William Zartman)

  • 1. Negotiation in Islam (Wahbah al-Zuhaili)

  • 5. Negotiating European Integration (Paul Meerts)

  • 7. Conference on “The Sources of European Negotiation” (Guy Olivier Faure)

  • 8. Workshop on Formal Models (Rudolf Avenhaus)

  • 9. How People Negotiate (Guy Olivier Faure)

  • 10. A New PIN Project: Knowledge Diplomacy in the Climate Talks (Gunnar Sjöstedt)

  • 11. Universality of Negotiation (Guy Olivier Faure)

  • 11. Professional Cultures in International Negotiation (Gunnar Sjöstedt)

  • 12. From Peace to Justice (I. William Zartman)

  • 12. Remembering Tallyrand (Guy Olivier Faure)

  • 12. PIN Books

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PINPoints is the biannual online publication of PIN and is sent to over 4,000 subscribers around the world. Each issue contains an overview of past and future events, reports of PIN related activities and, most importantly, articles with the latest developments and insights in international negotiation research. PINPoints is edited by Petra Brandt of German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA).


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