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PINPoints 36 cover

PINPoints 36

In this issue e.g. I William Zartman and Guy Olivier Faure on when and how to engage with extremists, Paul Meerts on the Russian and the EU negotiation style and Mikhail Troitskiy on Condoleezza Rice’s doctrine of “transformational negotiations”.

PINPoints 36 cover


  • 4. Horizontal Issues in Multilateral Tasks: Call for Strategic Facilitation (Gunnar Sjöstedt)

  • 7. The Costs and Benefits of "Transformational Negotiations" (Mikhail Troitskiy)

  • 10. When and How to Engage with Extremists (I. William Zartman and Guy Olivier Faure)

  • 16. CTBT and Beyond: Negotiations for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons (Mordechai (Moti) Melamud)

  • 20. The Manila Hostage Negotiation: Why it all Went Wrong? (Guy Olivier Faure)

  • 27. Change in The Middle East: Mixed, Muted and Muddled (Mark Anstey)

  • 33. Business Negotiation: Experiences from Training Seminars (Rudolf Schüssler)

  • 36. EU-Russia Negotiations (Paul Meerts)

  • 39. PIN Project; Negotiation in Transition (PINNIT) in Cooperation with Aims (CEMAT, CEMA), AIYS and ARCE

  • 40. Netherlands Negotiation Network (Paul Meerts)

  • 42. PIN Agenda

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