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PINPoints 40 cover

PINPoints 40

In this issue e.g. Mark Anstey on Mandela's legacy of negotiation, Guy Olivier Faure on the options for negotiation about the South China Sea and Paul Meerts on the effect of Putin's strategy for Ukraine on European negotiations.

PINPoints 40 cover


  • 4. Will Putin's Stategy on Ukraine Disintegrate the European Negotiation Web? (Paul Meerts)

  • 8. Winning at Nuclear Negotiations (Anthony Wanis-St John)

  • 12. Mandela's Legacy of Negotiation (Mark Anstey)

  • 18. The South China Sea: Options for Negotiation (Guy Olivier Faure)

  • 28. The Sino-Russian Pivot and American Power (Mikhail Troitskiy)

  • 32. To Verify or Not to Verify: A Major Issue in the Development of WMD Arms Control Regimes (Mordechai (Moti) Melamud)

  • 42. The Mediation Craze (I. William Zartman)

  • 46. Visit to the 26th Session of the Human Rights Council (Wilbur Perlot)

  • 48. Focal Points in Theory and Negotiation: Prospect of a Conference (Rudolf Schüssler)

  • 51. The Netherlands Negotiation Network (NNN) Symposium about Negotiating the Future (Paul Meerts)

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