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Rudolf Schüssler Portrait

Rudolf Schüssler

Bayreuth University

Rudolf Schüssler Portrait

Short CV

Rudolf Schüssler (Germany) is professor of philosophy at the University of Bayreuth/Germany. He studied philosophy, sociology and economics and took his doctoral degree in sociology, Habilitation in philosophy. Rudolf Schüssler is presently working on applied game and decision theory, the history of moral decision making,, and several subjects of practical ethics. He is also teaching a module on negotiations and conflict resolution for the ?Philosophy&Economics? course at the University of Bayreuth. His publications include: Kooperation unter Egoisten: Vier Dilemmata, Oldenbourg, München 1990 (2. Aufl. 1997); Terrorismus und Menschenwürde, in: C. Fehige/C. Lumer/U. Wessels (Hrsg.): Handeln mit Bedeutung und Handeln mit Gewalt. Festschrift für Georg Meggle, Paderborn, 2009, 291-308; Global Governance and Climate Change: A Question of Historical Justice?, Filosofski Godi?njak 21, 2009, 51-66; ?Adjusted Winner? (AW) Analyses of the 1978 Camp David Accords ? Valuable Tools for Negotiators? in: R. Avenhaus/W. Zartman (eds.): Diplomacy Games, Springer, Berlin 2007, 283-296; Detention in Guantanamo: A Matrix for Moral Assessment, Filosofski Godi?njak 19, 2006, 141-156; Humanitäre Intervention und Gerechter Krieg, Vierteljahresschrift für Sicherheit und Frieden, Heft 3, 19, 2001, 138-145.